For my first project of the second semester, Mrs. Lugo told me that I must design something to put on a shirt with Adobe Illustrator then use to put together what the shirt would look like.


First, I took the time to design my focus of the shirt. My first idea was to do a vector version of Kodak Black (shown above). I ended up changing my idea due to the fact that after I had reached my color limit (4), I had little to no detail.

After about a week and a half, I decided to change my idea. I decided on staying with the rapper’s head being the focus, but switching rappers and adding more detail.

Instead of Kodak Black,I chose to do my project on J. Cole. I changed my mind because Kodak is famous for his gold teeth and they took up most of my colors.

I used white, black, yellow, and dark yellow to create my J. Cole design