What is a visual alphabet? It is when objects are made to symbolize/resemble letters.

First, like all of our projects, we think of ways that the letters could be represented. When you have a few ideas, I took three of those ideas and create five letters. Then after I showed peers my ideas, I came to a conclusion of which idea I will create the entire alphabet with.

I used American sign language to display my letters. I saw this as not only an “outside the box” way to show the alphabet, but also recognizable to people with hearing disabilities.

In order to create my “Signabet,” I had to use Photoshop.

I opened several tabs, one for all the letters to go when the poster is finished, and one for each letter as I worked on them.

The steps to create this poster are as follows:

  1. Take photos of all 26 letters
  2. Upload each to computer
  3. Open one blank tab for ALL letters to go
  4. Drag photo onto the space where the tabs go (NOT ON BLANK PAGE)
  5. Create a new layer (Ctrl+J)
  6. Use the quick selection tool and select the letter
  7. Click “Layer and Mask”
  8. Adjust settings to your liking
  9. Output Settings > Output to > Layer Mask > Select OK
  10. Turn off the background to make the background disappear (Click the eye)
  11. File > Export > Quick Export as PNG > Type Name of Letter > SAVE
  12. Open blank tab and drag letter ONTO blank page
  13. Adjust size and placement to your liking (Hold shift while adjusting size)
  14. Click the check mark when done
  15. Repeat steps 4-14 for each letter until alphabet is complete

Here is my end result…v-a-final